Underwater Pillars

Mason and I just returned to Pohnpei after a very relaxing and much appreacited few weeks with family and friends in Seattle.


It was hard to say goodbye to everyone again, but as you may be able to imagine, we were really looking forward to getting back in the beautiful Pohnpei waters!

Yesterday, we went diving in the waters below the ancient city of Nan Madol. Nan Madol is in the process of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site, and this was a very special dive.

In the warm, green, and murky, water we found seven pillars that were once pieces of the Nan Madol city. After hundreds of years in the water, these stones have turned into homes for hundreds of creatures.

Despite the cloudy visibility, we still found two lion fish, a shark, many large sea anemones full of clown fish, and many other colorful and interesting animals and plants in this thriving reef.