Weekend Waterfall Kayak

Although we are loving our new scuba diving adventures (another scuba video coming soon), we have not forgotten our lovely kayak.

Pohnpei is a wondrous place via the water.The mangrove channels of the island are so peaceful.

This weekend we explored our way to a waterfall with some friends. In order to get to the mangroves that lead to the waterfall, we had to pass through a bay filled with shipwrecks. Once through the bay, a beautiful mangrove channel eventually opened up to a different part of the lagoon. From there, we passed through the “mangrove labyrinth” made up of many small mangrove plants that require a lot of maneuvering and remembering if you turned right or left. After a few wrong turns and downed trees, we made it up the river and to a hidden waterfall.


This small island never seems to run out of beautiful secrets to share.