Tanks 5 & 6

Last Friday, 25 March, Mason and I went for our first two recreational dives outside of our certification class: tanks 5 and 6.

Ken Shigeta, the owner of Pirate Diving Service (and our landlord) took us out with his employees, Maverick and Andy. We went to Pehleng Pass, and tried drift diving for the first time. Ken is an extremely experienced dive master, and we had a fantastic time! We are certainly looking forward to our next dive with the Pirate team.

See if you can spot the (1) octopus, (2) school of barracuda, and (3) shark in the video:

If you are heading to Pohnpei and interested in scuba diving, contact Pirate Diving Service!



  1. Gail Libbing · March 31, 2016

    Totally cool!! I saw all three! Awesome!! 🙂


  2. Maurice Libbing · March 31, 2016

    That looks like so much fun, brings back memories. Nice job with the go pro.


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