Our New Kayak

Some very thoughtful family members shipped us a sectional kayak and the necessary accessories from the U.S. for Christmas this past year, and it all arrived about a month and a half ago. We now kayak at least once everyone weekend. There are endless channels in the mangrove forests around Pohnpei to explore. Here is a video of one of our recent trips:

Music: “Fire on the Horizon” by Stick Figure, from the Hangout Music Festival Mixtape 2016, courtesy of noisetrade.com.

Our kayak is made by Point 65 N, and it is perfect for our lifestyle here on the island. The three pieces fit in the back of our Subaru. It is easy for us to take to any part of the island, and the ride-on-top seats are great for the warm, sunny weather of the island.



  1. Gail Libbing · February 23, 2016

    Fun! Can’t wait to come and join you in the mangroves…..


  2. Maurice Libbing · February 23, 2016

    Very cool! Can’t get enough of you guys.


  3. Kathy Wiley · February 23, 2016

    That is one cool kayak! Art and I were shopping around for one and we are definitely going to go take a look at it at West Marine. The water is so clear where you are… please post more video ❤


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