Eni Pein & Traditional Pohnpei

Jessi and I were privileged to have the opportunity to sit down for traditional dance and a sakau ceremony at Eni Pein Eco-Tourism in southern Pohnpei.  It was an amazing experience and we were quite impressed with the hard work the people in this community have put into maintaining their culture.

If you’re visiting and want to spend some time in a small community learning local customs and exploring the island, you really can’t beat Eni Pein.  They have beautiful traditional huts for sleeping and a great local cuisine.  The infamous six waterfalls hike is nearby and so are the ancient ruins of Nan Madol.  Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more!


It Rains in the Jungle

When you google the annual rainfall of Pohnpei, you will get a “deceivingly” high number. Deceiving because, while it rains often at our home and in town, it doesn’t rain as often as a 400 inches/year annual rainfall would suggest. We found the rain this weekend, however, on our epic Six Waterfalls hike.

The heavy rains and flash flooding made it so that we could only see four of the six waterfalls, and we can’t wait to venture into the jungle again to see the other two!

Music: “Woman from the Jungle’s Breakout” by Reno McCarthy, courtesy of noisetrade.com.

If you are headed to Pohnpei and plan to do this hike, remember:

  • Guides will come up to your car when you park-USE THEM! Unless you grew up in the Pohnpei jungle, you are certain to get lost without a guide.
  • Have money, including some small bills, to pay your guide and a “trespassing” fee or two.
  • Plan on being wet for the entire hike and swimming in your clothes.
  • There is no tended path. Expect to be hiking up hill, down hill, over and under, swimming, and walking through water, mud, rocks, dirt, and grass.
  • Bring lunch and water.
  • Enjoy the scenery and the workout safely!